Here I’d like to share some of the stories from other Freelance Writers who have used the methods I’ve taught to go on and forge profitable, sustainable and enjoyable freelance writing businesses:

When James took me under his wing I was struggling. I was juggling a newborn baby and finishing my undergraduate degree. It was chaos. I had the desire to go on and live a freelance life, to be in complete control. To be able to work as much as I wanted to, earn as much as I needed to whilst having complete flexibility over my schedule with my son. I knew why I wanted to freelance, I just didn’t know how.

I started down the normal path of putting my profile up on every single freelancer website I could find, applying for endless jobs with companies looking for ‘beginners’ (a.k.a cheap as fuck) and getting nowhere. I knew something needed to change, drastically, but didn’t know what and that’s where James came in.

He coached me through the whole process. He was able to take a step back, look at the bigger picture for me and put me on the best path. It wasn’t a cookie cutter solution, one size fits all scenario, he really cared. The guidance was simple and easy to implement. And I know, I hear you, “if it was so simple, why didn’t you do it alone?”. Because you can’t see the wood for the trees when you do it alone. I was never able to step outside of my situation and see where I was going wrong, not in the way he did.

The guidance I had turned things around for me. It gave me back the control over my workflow, my schedule and my future. I can’t thank (or recommend) him enough. I now have the confidence to work for clients I choose, on my terms.

Rebekah Donovan

Can’t recommend James’s coaching and courses highly enough. Being one of the best Freelance writers going around, he has the experience and the industry knowledge to really help you take your career to the next level. James also has an incredibly effective and personable coaching style that certainly brought the best out in me.

Nick Lane

James knows his shit. After a few months of following his advice, I was making more money from freelancing than my day job. This gave me the ability to quit working for "the man" and be my own boss. There's nothing like having the freedom to make your own schedule. I'm able to take a hike or vacation whenever I feel like it. James helped me develop the skills and systems I need to succeed as a freelance writer. For the first time in a long time, I'm excited about my work and what the future holds.

Daniel Wallen
The Wallen Way

Everybody looking to carve out a career in freelancing can learn something from James. He helped me make the best decision of my career.

D.J Falconer
Dan The Writer