Why You Should Over Promise And Over Deliver

You’re probably familiar with this age-old business adage: “Under promise and Over deliver” It’s been used and repeated in every business guide since the dawn of time. It’s the default setting for most freelance writing businesses. You’re probably running your business in this way without even realising it. I mean, how often have you landed a…

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More Confident Writing

5 Expert Ways To Become A More Confident Writer Today

Imagine you could confidently share your writing with people. That you were able to hit the send button to a client, or the publish button to your audience, knowing the piece you’ve written is ready for the world to see. It sounds like the stuff dreams are made of, right? Well, it doesn’t have to…

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the power of free

The Power Of Free: The Essential Step Most Freelancers Forget

How often have you heard this statement (or a statement like it)? “You deserve to be paid what you’re worth” It’s the mantra of life coaches, motivational speakers and Instagram feed owners across the globe. And for a new freelance writer it’s a comforting thought. Why? Because it says that you – yes, you! –…

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