Hi, I’m James.

An ex-broke shoe salesman, turned full freelance writer, and owner of the Freelance Writers School. I only have one purpose; to help you transform your life through writing. 

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Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of being location free, to travel the world, have new experiences and get paid a good wage alongside it. Or to work from home, control your working hours and live a life where you’re the boss.

Maybe you’ve already got a freelancing business but you’re overworked and underpaid. Meaning you have less time to spend doing what you love outside of work, and not enough money to show for it.

Or, it could be that you just want to write on the side and add a little extra income every month so you’re not totally reliant on your nine-to-five job.

Whatever your reasons, I’m glad you’re here.

Writing has allowed me to completely change my life and, with a little hard work and commitment, it can allow you to create a new life for yourself that you probably thought was never possible.

This site is completely dedicated to teaching you the lessons I’ve learned over the course of my career and used to help countless other freelance writers go on to have successful careers:

James knows his shit. After a few months of following his advice, I was making more money from freelancing than my day job. This gave me the ability to quit working for "the man" and be my own boss. There's nothing like having the freedom to make your own schedule. I'm able to take a hike or vacation whenever I feel like it. James helped me develop the skills and systems I need to succeed as a freelance writer. For the first time in a long time, I'm excited about my work and what the future holds.

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But I know right now there is a big question you’re waiting to have answered:

Why should I listen to you?

Well, it all started three years ago…

Who Am I And Why Should You Care?

Just three years ago my life was going nowhere.

I was working 10 hours a day for £5 an hour and selling snake-oil gel insoles at £1 a pop to try and pad out my paycheque. I had no qualifications, no job prospects and no idea what to do with my life.

I dreamed of seeing the world, being my own boss and doing work that made a difference. But what did I know about running a business? People who did that needed degrees and friends in the right places. All I had was a run down car, a battered old pair of jeans and a rusted coffee mug.

All I had was a run down car, a battered old pair of jeans and a rusted coffee mug.

One week in the summer of 2014, my whole life was turned upside down. I dug myself into a £18,500 hole of debt after my car burst into flames on the motorway and my boss stripped away all but two of my shifts a month. I wasn’t just broke, I was so poor that I aspired to be broke.

If there was a rock-bottom, man, I’d found it.

I had two options:

I could take the safe route, do my two shifts a month and slowly chip away at my debt and give up on my dreams of seeing the world and being my own boss.

Or, I could take a risk and start that business I’d always talked about. After all, what else did I have to lose? It couldn’t get much worse.

Well, one evening a concerned friend took me to one side and asked me if I waa good at one thing I could sell, what would it be?

“Well…I’ve always liked to write” I told him tentatively. And, well…his eyes lit up.

He grabbed his laptop, opened it up to a website called Elance and he began to show me all of these writing jobs that people could apply for.

I immediately regretted my decision. There were thousands of writers out there all looking to do the same. They all had fancy degrees and testimonials and published work in actual magazines. How the hell was a no qualification, no experience, guy like me going to compete?

I told him no, it probably wasn’t the career path for me and decided to head back home. But for the entire drive home I couldn’t stop thinking about that site and all of the opportunity that there was. So much so that I found myself, pulled over at the side of the road in the pitch black, scrolling through all the different jobs listings.

When I arrived home I opened my laptop once more and quickly wrote a proposal for a job that looked good. Then, nine more, just to be sure. “If they don’t respond to me” I thought, “it just wasn’t meant to be”.

The next morning I checked my phone and there were three emails.

The first one was a rejection letter.

The second one was another rejection letter.

The third one simply said, “$1000 seems fair; do you think you could have this done in the next two weeks?”

I’d got my first acceptance letter and I couldn’t believe it. I still remember running downstairs to show my Mum and texting all of my friends.

…but this would be the only response I’d get for the next month. I’d made an extra $1000 but after that I didn’t even get one response, not even a rejection letter.

I felt like I’d had a bit of beginners luck and that was all it was ever going to be. But that debt was still looming over me and I had to find a way to make this work…quickly.

So I took a few days to have a long hard look at myself and what I’d been doing. I wrote down every step I’d taken on a piece of paper, and suddenly it hit me. I was taking the path of most resistance. I’d started a business that was working against me and not for me.

Immediately I flipped the model on it’s head and started doing the exact opposite of what I’d been doing every day so far.

Within the first week I’d landed 2 new clients.

Within the two after I’d landed another 3.

And by the end of the month I’d made £1593.79.

More than I’d ever made in a month at my job.

It wasn’t just beginners luck this time, either. Within two months I’d managed to double it. And increase it even further over the next six.

Jump forward to now and I’m a full-time Freelance Writer who has made over $120,000 in sales, written for two New York Times bestselling authors, visited over 30 different countries, relocated to Germany and have paid off all of those debts.

When I look back I don’t even recognise the person I was three years ago. It’s one of those transformations that changes almost every part of your life.

And now I love to teach people how to create their own transformations through writing too. Whether it’s adding a $1000 a month and creating a worry-free home life. Or quitting your job and going on to make even more money than I ever have!

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