Give Me 60 Minutes A Day For 30 Days And I’ll Give You A Freelance Writing Business


The step-by-step blueprint to help you start and grow your freelance writing business in just one hour per day

Dear soon-to-be freelance writer,

How long have you been dreaming about quitting your dead-end job and becoming a full time writer?

One month? Six months? A year? Maybe longer?

You want to do work that you're passionate about. You want to have the flexibility to spend time with the people you care about. To do the work you want, when you want, from where you want.

But your reality is much different, isn't it?

Tell me if this rings true for you...

Every morning your alarm clock brings you crash bang back to reality.

You drag yourself out of bed to shower, clean your teeth and force coffee down your throat. But for what?

So you can go out and fight through the morning traffic, en route to a dissatisfying job that overworks and underpays you, where you spend most of the day checking your phone or looking at the clock.

The closer you get to the office, the more a feeling of dread builds up inside of you. Every meter brings you closer to that job again:

To the moaning colleagues who drain you of your energy. To smiling and pretending to be nice, when you really want to scream “Jackass!”. To meetings and flip charts and emails and presentations that could put a hyperactive child to sleep.

As you reach the building door, you can hear the little voice inside of you. The one that tells you to call in sick, to turn around before it’s too late. The one that knows the truth...

You’d rather be at home, writing.

Sat in your comfortable clothes, sipping coffee, getting paid to be creative and expressive. To have your voice heard through your words.

But instead you're heading into the office where it’s about to be groundhog day all over again.

And deep down you know what will happen if you don't take decisive action...

This will be your life for the next five, ten or even fifteen years.

Your dreams of being a writer and spending more time with the people you love being squashed with each day that goes by.

And, the truth is, you have no idea how to start a writing business.

Sure you love writing when you're at home in your free time. But getting paid for it? You've got no idea how to make that leap.

You know there are freelance writers that are out there, but how did they get there? What elusive quality do they have that you don't?

It's like you’ve looked at your dream life through a window. It’s there - you’ve seen it hundreds of times through the glass - but you can’t figure out what it takes to get from this side to the other.

Sometimes you even try to justify it to yourself. You create excuses in your head that prove you'd never have made it as a writer anyway. You tell yourself:

  • Your writing isn't good enough and you don't have what it takes
  • You don't have enough experience, or the right qualifications, to get hired
  • You don't have any portfolio pieces or samples
  • You don’t have enough time to start a business
  • You'd probably start and just end up failing anyway

So you resign yourself to going back to your dead-end job once again. To the day-dreaming and wishing.

...did any of that hit home for you?

If so, you're in the right place. Because I'm here with some good news:

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You can break free of that job, escape the nine-to-five, get paid for your words and build a business of your own that puts you in control.  How do I know?

Well, because a few years ago, I was sat where you are right now...

Hi, I'm James (that's me on the right),

In 2014 I was working dead-end job as a shoe salesman, dreaming of a life of writing.

james johnson the 60 minute writer

I once read a copy of Chris Guillebeau’s 279 Days To Overnight Success and became hooked on the idea of starting a career as a writer.

I wanted to make money from my words on my terms.

But there were a few realities that kept getting in my way (you can probably relate)…

...I was working 60 hours a week for minimum wage, in a store that STUNK of the sewage plant across road.

…I had $18,500 worth of debt that I needed my “stable income” to pay off.

...I wanted to spend the time I did have with my friends and family.

I’d come home from work completely exhausted. I’d re-allocate all of my money to paying off my debts. And, I’d be fighting to spend the free time I did have with the people I cared about.

Plus, whenever I mentioned the idea of writing for a living, people loved to feed my doubts, saying:

  • “What about your stable income? You have bills to pay!”
  • “What if your writing isn’t good enough?”
  • “Writing is a hobby, not a job” (this made me FURIOUS!)
  • “You should be looking for a real job, with a real employer”

Talk about a punch in the face, right? But... I still couldn’t escape this feeling in my gut.

It would keep me awake at 3am when I was dreading my next day at work, telling me, “There’s got to be more to life than this!”

One day this feeling grew so strong that I decided to pull my car over to the side of the ride in the middle of the night, take out my phone and start looking at freelance writing jobs there and then.

...but every time I gave in to the feeling and made a commitment to start, I had no idea what to do.

Do I start a portfolio? Do I write for my own blog? Do I reach out to people on LinkedIn? Do I look for local business? Do I learn how to pitch? Do I…

You get the idea.

It felt like I was trying to climb Everest without a map, a sherpa or even a bloody backpack. I’d just sit there, looking at the mountain in front of me, unsure of which trail would take me to the top.

Plus I only had around 60 minutes every day to try and grow this business. It didn’t feel like anywhere near enough time to start a business.

Honestly, I felt like packing it all in. Until...

One day I came across a Tim Ferriss talk about “Lead Dominoes”. He was talking about diet and how people have to avoid “domino” foods that start them on the path to eating all of the junk food in a seven mile radius. (I’ve been there).

...that’s when dawned on me. What if I could find the “lead dominoes” for freelance writing?

The main dominoes that I could knock over which would get my business off the starting blocks, give it the momentum to grow, and start making me money for the 60 minutes per day I had to invest?

This was a game changer.

I locked myself in my room whenever I could and started looking for what those big dominoes would be. I researched what people were doing right, what they were doing wrong, and what would bring me the biggest return for my time.

What I stumbled across was a focused system for starting a freelance writing business in 60 minutes per day.

It allowed me to pinpoint the exact place I should spend my time to start and grow my business.

It was my baby, and I (jokingly) called it The 60 Minute Writer to anyone who asked me about what I was doing. The name kinda stuck.

"When James took me under his wing I was struggling. But he was able to take a step back, look at the bigger picture for me and put me on the best path. It wasn’t a cookie cutter solution, he really cared. The guidance I had turned things around for me. Now, have the confidence to work for clients I choose, on my terms."

Rebekah Donovan

"What the heck is a Lead Domino?"

In my research I was able to identify five of these “lead dominoes” that needed to be pushed down:

  • Niches: Becoming an "expert" in one topic you're obsessed about
  • Samples: Using someone else's authority to put you in the #1 position to get hired
  • Pitches: Using data and copywriting techniques to grab and hold attention
  • Clients: Finding the people who think you're the "best writer in the world"
  • Prices: Setting a starting rate that you can charge with confidence and facilitates your "richest life"

If you can push each of these over in the correct order, you can start a freelance writing business in as little as 60 minutes a day. (This is the foundation that The 60 Minute Writer is based upon).

But, push them down in the wrong order, and the amount of work you need to do goes through the roof.

So, I set myself a simple “exercise program” to help me knock them down in the correct order.

Each day I gave myself a specific task to follow. One day it would be research my niche, the next it would be outreaching to blogger, then deciding on my “rich life” and the prices I needed to charge. All focused on knocking down the right domino at the right time.

It wasn’t perfect. It was messy. Some mornings I'd be up at 05:30 to get one hour in before work. Other days I'd be sat up at 01:00, trying to keep myself awake with cans of Red Bull.

(I even got a disciplinary from my boss for hiding in the store room and writing a pitch to a potential client).

If an exercise worked, I kept it. If it didn’t, I went back to the drawing board and tried something until it did work.

And, after around 40 days of trial and error, I had the (scrappy) foundations for a freelance writing business that I could use.

By the end of 90 days? I was able to go from ZERO to $4,779 in sales:

the 60 minute writer elance earnings

After just 90 days of work I was able to quit my shoe-salesman job (one of the GREATEST moments of my life) and focus on my business full-time.

Introducing The 60 Minute Writer...

How would you feel if, in the next 30 days, you could lay the foundations for a freelance writing business that would help you quit your dead-end job?

What if, in just 60 minutes a day, you could validate your writing, become an “expert” in a niche, learn to find and pitch to clients, and be well on your way to making your first money as a writer?

What if you could learn from my mistakes, my failures and my errors, so that you can take the most direct path to success?

That would just about solve all of your problems, right? Well, that’s exactly what I’m about to offer you...

A solution to all of those problems that, up until now, have frozen you dead in your tracks, and kept you stuck in the job you hate.

The opportunity for a better life, making money through your words, spending more time with the people you care about, and confidently running a business that supports the life you want.

But first...

You’ve got a decision to make.

Do you decide, right now, to carry on living the way you are, in the under paid dead-end job that you hate? Or…

Do you decide to finally take action on that dream you’ve been living with for so long? 

(After all, it only takes the same amount of time as one episode of your favourite Netflix show per day to achieve.)

If you’re sick of being overworked and underpaid. If you’re tired of dragging yourself out of bed every morning to a job that you hate. If your fed up of dreaming about writing.

Then it’s time to make a change.

And I’m confident that The 60 Minute Writer is the solution to your problem.

In fact, I’m so confident that it’ll help you, I’m willing to offer you a 30 day money-back guarantee, meaning you can try the entire course and return it risk-free.

Let me talk you through what you’ll learn in the course, and what each day will look like for you:

What You'll Get In The 60 Minute Writer

Think of this course as kind of like a 30-day fitness program for freelance writing.

Each page has a new task that will show you exactly what you need to do to take a big step towards your goal. You’ll find:

  • A video or article: To help explain the theory behind what you’re doing.
  • A writing task: To help you improve your writing skills and develop a good writing habit.
  • A daily task: A 60-minute exercise to help you move closer to your goal and lay the foundation for your business.

Meaning that you don’t have to worry about what to do every single day. The steps are mapped out, and you just have to follow the specific instructions and follow up on your task.


There are also spreadsheets, copy and paste pitches and tutorials to reduce the amount of time you have to work, and help you seamlessly move from one stage to the next.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in the course:

What You'll Learn In The Next 30 Days...

  • How to find a profitable writing niche that you'll love to write about
  • How to become an instant “expert” (just add coffee)
  • How to write pitches that potential clients actually WANT to open
  • How to find your “rich life”, set the price that you want, and stop Googling what other people charge
  • How to create a data-driven portfolio that makes you the obvious choice
  • How to set up a business model that guarantees you a monthly income

"James knows his shit. After a few months of following his advice, I was making more money from freelancing than my day job. This gave me the ability to quit working for "the man" and be my own boss."

Daniel Wallen - The Wallen Way

Not Your Average Course...

At first glance this course might not look glamorous. It isn’t.

It’s not designed to make you excited with lots of flashy bells and whistles. I also know it’s not perfect. Like many things it can be refined and improved.

Instead what this course focuses on is giving you the information you need to perform the tasks that matter.

Meaning that, regardless of where you’re starting from now, if you follow it exercise by exercise, you will lay the foundations for the freelance writing business you’ve been dreaming of.

I’ve removed all of the guesswork. All of the uncertainty. No more question about how you should be spending your time. Just an exact step-by-step guide.

A blueprint, if you will.

Now, it's decision time...

Will today be the day you finally choose to break free from the shackles of your current life?

Tomorrow when you wake up, will you wake up energised in the knowledge that you've taken action towards becoming a full time writer? Or, will it just be another day spent earning morning for someone else, in a workplace that doesn't care about you?

This time next week, will you be seven days closer to quitting your job? Or will it be another day spent wishing and wondering?

Today, you can start working on the life you've always wanted, and build the business that will change how you work forever.

Or, you can continue on, doing what you've always done.

What will you choose?

Become A Freelance Writer Today...

The 60 Minute Writer: How To Start A Freelance Writing Business In 1 Hour A Day

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The 60 Minute Writer comes with my own personal, risk-free, money back guarantee. You can try the product for 30 days and, if you don't like it, you can return it.

"Everybody looking to carve out a career in freelancing can learn something from James. He helped me make the best decision of my career."

D.J FalconerDan The Writer

"Can’t recommend James’s coaching and courses highly enough. Being one of the best Freelance writers going around, he has the experience and the industry knowledge to really help you take your career to the next level."

Nick Lane

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